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H. Stanier & Co began in 1921 when Harold Stanier bought his first knitting machine in Manchester.

In the early 30’s the business relocated to South Wales where it expanded its circular knitting and warp knitting operations.

With the appearance of man-made fibres in the 40’s and 50’s, the textile industry had difficulty in handling them, as textured nylon was weak and the yarns constantly broke. Systems were required to detect this happening, and Harold Stanier began developing his own creel warping system initially for his own use.


However, British Nylon Spinners (and later Courtauld’s) were suppliers of nylon to H. Stanier & Co, and they spotted the potential of Harold’s innovative systems, asking if he could equip their factories too?


At this point, H. Stanier & Co’s sister company, New House Textiles Ltd took over production and the Stop-Motion units have been continuously developed since.


Today with modern high-speed looms and often 1000’s of ends going being used at one time, it is more critical than ever to spot a broken yarn to prevent the production of faulty fabric, and to cut down on seconds fabric and waste.  


New House have now been designing and manufacturing yarn-breakage detector systems for the textile industry for over 70 years.

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