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NH-58 double bar space-saving stop-motion for textile industry
  • Bespoke Products

    Tailor-made for your application or specifications


    New House Textiles Engineering stop-motions can be tailor-made to suit your application or specific needs. Our front and back plates are laser-cut in anodised aluminium, which offers great flexibility in shape, spacing, fixing plate extensions or location holes.


    Unit layout and design


    New House Textiles Engineering can manufacture any reasonable shape or format of stop-motions, for example the space-saving double stop-motion units that fit a central pilar on the creel (image above).


    Eyelet Spacing


    New House Textiles Engineering uses two different dropper sensor block sizes to accomidate different yarn types or spacing. The sensor blocks are 6mm or 9.5mm, and can be used in combinations. Examples (image above) are 19mm spacing, made with 2 x 9.5mm sensor blocks.


    Eyelet sizes 


    Standard ceramic eyelet sizes have internal diameters of 3.1mm, 4.5mm and 7.5mm, while other eyelet sizes are available for special order.


    The image above of 5 dropper stop-motion units, used a combination of 6mm & 9.5mm sensor blocks to create 15.5mm spacing, and 7.5mm internal diameter eyelets were used to suit the yarns on the creel. 


    Please contact us for further information

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