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New House Textiles Engineering

Textile Engineering
New House has been designing and manufacturing yarn breakage detectors, or stop-motions, for over 60 years. Created in-house and built specifically to your needs. 

Yarn breakage detectors

For over 50 years New House Textiles has been manufacturing yarn-breakage detectors or stop-motions. Originally designed for use on our own creels in our UK warp knitting and weaving plant, we soon began to supplying other plants elsewhere in the textile industry.

Stop-motions are used principally in warping to detect broken ends or missing yarns. They will help reduce faults, machine downtime, improve productivity as well as reduce unwanted seconds-quality fabric.

Number of ends

Our flexible manufacturing allows us to make units which are tailor-made to your needs. 

To create the pitch between yarns we use two block sizes in our units, 6mm and 9.5mm.

For finer yarns the NH-48 model uses exclusively 6mm blocks, so the pitch between the eyelets carrying the yarns is 6mm.

The NH-58 model uses 9.5mm blocks, so the space between the eyelets carrying the yarns is a little wider at 9.5mm, and uses larger eyelets.

The NH-65 model uses a combination of both, so the eyelet pitch is 15.5mm and can accommodate even larger eyelets.

By using different block combinations it is possible to create many different pitches, especially as each stop-motion set is built to order.

NH-48, NH-58 and NT-65 can be manufactured with almost any number of ends in a bar.

The NH-10 Optical model comes with a pitch of 12mm, and can accommodate a maximum of up to 70 yarns.

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